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Feeling a bit lost or disconnected in your career? Like, when you finally take a moment to catch your breath and look around, do you think “Is this all there is?” Or “I don't know what I want to do next but it ain’t this!”


Why Is Everyone So Unhappy at Work Right Now? - WSJ

It's a completely normal experience, especially for women at this career stage. Many of us find it challenging to expand our network or feel unsure of how to tap into its potential. Let's tackle this head-on with advice designed just for you.


1 Problem 1: "I feel out of touch/out of the loop after a career break."


Taking time out of the workforce happens, whether it's to raise a family or tackle personal circumstances. But stepping back in can feel intimidating. First, remember you have valuable skills and experience.


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Here's how to reconnect and update your network:


Reconnect with Purpose
Reach out to former colleagues and see what they're up to. You can send them a quick message via...

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5 Steps to Overcome Your Career Change Fears in 2024



Hit a wall in your career? You're not alone.


Many of us reach a point where what we're doing just doesn't feel right anymore. Maybe you're bored, maybe you crave more challenges, or maybe you always had a different dream bubbling under the surface. Whether it's a nagging whisper or a full-blown scream, it's time to listen to that inner voice pushing for change.


Understanding Your Unique Career Fears


Feeling a bit terrified about hitting mid-career reset is totally normal!


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Here's why it can feel extra scary for women:


The "Shoulds"
Society places so much pressure on women to fit certain roles, and stepping outside those roles can make us doubt ourselves. Been there. Still trying to avoid doing that!


Juggling Act
Often, we're managing care for kids, parents, and ourselves on top of a demanding job, leaving zero space for career soul-searching.


Confidence Gap
It's no secret that the workplace isn't always a level field....

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10 LinkedIn Profile Upgrades You Need to Make Now



The job market is a whirlwind of change and if you're still relying solely on your resume to get noticed, you might be getting left behind. LinkedIn isn't just another social media site – it's a dynamic platform to highlight your skills, build your network, and become your own biggest advocate. Let's dive in and transform your LinkedIn profile into a powerful tool that opens up new doors for you.

Artisan Talent - Is LinkedIn Still the Best Way to Find a Job?

3 Reasons Why You Should Update Your LinkedIn Profile 


Your LinkedIn profile serves as your digital storefront within the professional world. Here's why it deserves just as much attention as your resume:


1 Visibility
Recruiters and hiring managers actively use LinkedIn to find talent. An up-to-date profile boosts your chances of being discovered.


Linkedin Logo Gif


2 Networking
LinkedIn is a goldmine for connecting with people in your field, which can lead to exciting opportunities and collaborations.


LinkedIn Gets GIFs in Direct Messages to Make Networking More Fun


3 Personal Branding
Your profile is your chance...

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5 Signs Your Mental Well-Being is Suffering at Work



Your career journey can be an amazing source of satisfaction and achievement. But let's be real – it has its ups and downs. Sometimes, the stress and demands of work sneak up on us, testing the limits of our mental well-being. It's easy to forget that protecting your mental well-being is even more important than developing your professional skills.


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Let's dive into why prioritizing mental well-being at work matters and how to spot red flags.

What Happens When Mental Well-Being Goes Unchecked at Work


Ignoring your mental well-being at work can spiral into problems that ripple throughout every area of your life. 


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Here's what might happen if you push your mental wellbeing aside:



This isn't just feeling tired, it's a state of complete physical and emotional exhaustion. It crushes your focus and motivation and can feel impossible to bounce back from.


Difficulty Concentrating
When your mind is overloaded, it's...

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Can AI Improve Your Work Life?



A Brief History of AI


Blogs and articles on artificial intelligence | The AI dream


Imagine a world where machines could think. That dream sparked the birth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the 1950s. Visionaries like Alan Turing and John McCarthy laid the groundwork, wondering if computers could truly learn and solve problems like humans.


Fast forward a few decades, and AI made its way into our daily lives. From the voice assistants on our phones to the algorithms recommending our next favorite movie, AI has woven itself into the fabric of modern life.


How AI is Changing Jobs


Change can be unsettling, and yes, AI is transforming the workplace. But instead of focusing on jobs lost, let's shine a light on the opportunities it creates.


What the future may look with AI - Zoho Blog


AI, the Productivity Powerhouse
AI excels at automating routine and repetitive tasks, freeing up your time to focus on what you do best – creative thinking, problem-solving, and building relationships. Imagine having AI handle the tedious data...

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Find Career Clarity in 2024



What is Career Clarity?


Imagine you're holding a map. At the center is a big "You Are Here" marker. Now, picture a destination – your dream job, a role that makes you excited to wake up each day.


How To Choose A Career: A Guide - CareerGuide


Career clarity is all about drawing the clearest route between those two points. It's knowing your values, strengths, and what you really want from your work.


Why Bother? The Benefits of Career Clarity


New party member! Tags: thinking sudden realization observing sudden clarity | Giphy, New trends, Gif


Getting clear on your career path offers a ton of advantages, both right now and down the road:


Short-Term Wins


Less Stress, More Focus
No more endless job scrolling! Clarity gives you direction, saving you time and energy. Imagine instead of applying to dozens of positions feeling overwhelmed, you know exactly what type of role fits you and can zero in on your search with confidence.

Targeted Applications
With a clear career goal, you tailor your resume and cover letter to stand out. You won't be sending out generic...

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Turn Your Passion Into Extra Income in 2024



The Benefits of a Passion-Fueled Side Hustle


Let's be honest, sometimes your regular job pays the bills but doesn't quite set your soul on fire. That's okay!


Fire In My Soul Yes GIF by Walk Off The Earth


A side hustle can help and can also be more than just a way to make extra cash. Here's why a side hustle, especially one built around something you're passionate about, can be beneficial:


Boosted Income

A side hustle can provide a welcome bump in your income, helping you tackle debt, save for a dream vacation, or just give you a little more financial breathing room.


Skill Development

Side hustles can help you to learn new skills and improve current skills in areas like marketing, web design, or customer service – skills that can benefit your main career!


Explore New Paths

Side hustles are a low-risk way to dip your toes into a field that intrigues you. Maybe it leads to a fulfilling career switch further down the road.


Fun and Fulfillment

Most importantly, a...

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Smart Money Moves for Mid-Career Professionals


Why Do We Need Smart Money Moves?

9 Problems That Geocachers Can Relate To – The Geocaching Junkie

You're working hard, putting in the hours, and crushing it in your role. But deep down, something might be nagging at you. Sure, the paychecks are decent, but is your money setting you up for the career and life that you really want? Maybe you want to get a promotion, make a bold career switch, or even take a break to travel and gain new perspectives.


Here's the deal: smart money decisions pave the way for the kind of career flexibility and opportunities you're dreaming of. Think of it as unlocking new levels in your professional journey!


Master These Money Moves (No Finance Expert Needed)


I understand that dealing with money can get a little overwhelming, especially if it's not your strong suit. Let's break down a few simple yet powerful moves you can take, no financial guru is needed.


1. The "Know Your Numbers" Challenge

When was the last time you checked in on all your accounts? Grab your favorite beverage, get cozy...

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8 Signs You're Not Prioritizing Your Well-being in the Workplace and What To Do About It



Workplace well-being encompasses the physical, mental, and emotional health of employees within their professional environment. It's about fostering an atmosphere where individuals feel supported, valued, and able to thrive. 

Employee Wellness Program | HappeeMindzIn 2024, as the world continues to navigate dynamic changes in work culture and technology, prioritizing well-being in the workplace is paramount for both personal satisfaction and organizational success.


1. Persistent Fatigue and Exhaustion
Feeling constantly drained, both mentally and physically, despite adequate rest. This can manifest as difficulty concentrating, frequent yawning, or relying heavily on caffeine to stay alert.

What you can do: Prioritize getting enough sleep, create a bedtime routine, and take mini breaks throughout the day.


2. Increased Irritability and Mood Swings

Finding yourself more easily agitated or experiencing sudden shifts in mood throughout the workday. You may notice yourself becoming short-tempered with...

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10 Tips to Master Your Job Interviews in 2024



Hey hey hey, ambitious go-getter! Landing your dream job takes more than just skills. It's about nailing that interview, and let's face it, those can be nerve-wracking, even for the most prepared. Trust me, I've seen experienced and amazing professionals turn into trembling messes under the interview spotlight.


These 10 Gifs Are Meant To Make You Forget That Pre-Job Interview Stress


But here's the good news: interview mastery isn't some mythical creature reserved for the chosen few. It's about using smart strategies that go beyond the "cliché" handshake and canned answers. So, ditch the generic tips and brew yourself a cup of confidence – we're about to dive into 10 tips that'll turn you into an interview goddess!


1. Mirror, Mirror on the Interview Wall

Mirror look how GIF - Find on GIFER

Record yourself answering common interview questions. Watch it back, and analyze your body language, vocal tone, and clarity. This self-reflection is like having a personal hype woman pointing out areas to improve and areas where you excel.


Bonus Tip: ...

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