Helping you achieve your career dreams is my dream.
Let's do this together!

All About Lauren

That's me, I'm Lauren! And you're probably wondering who I am and why I'm qualified
to lead you through your career transition.

Hey, I get it! Most of you haven't met me yet - so for now, I'm just a stranger on the internet.
But let's change that. Here's a little bit about me, where I've been, and why I love helping women
like you transform their careers.

Seriously. I have been where you are now.

My life and my career have taken me down some crazy paths - and I wish I'd had a roadmap guiding
me through it all. I've felt the frustration, the desperation, and the drive to do more... to be better...
to find the fulfilling career that we're all looking for.

When I built my coaching business, I had to navigate a series of career pitfalls all on my own.
I did the networking, self-promotion, business building, and all of that dirty work to make a change...
And now, here I am. I'm on the other side of it all, and I am FINALLY happy, successful, independent, and free
Now, I have the privilege of helping other women - like you - achieve the same thing.


  • I've dedicated my life to empowering women to find careers they love and experience the success they deserve. Why? Because I know what it's like to fight the uphill battle of getting there. 

  • YOU DESERVE MORE. You deserve a life that makes you excited to get out of bed in the morning. Now, you're experiencing stagnation, frustration, and fear. You're stuck in a job that's not helping you grow and not fulfilling that craving to do something meaningful.

  • But trust me when I say...there's more out there to enjoy life. And when your career takes turn for the better, your life will too. I know that firsthand.
I deserve more! Sign me up!

I founded Tyche Career Coaching with the mission of empowering women to embrace fulfilling careers aligned with their passions and aspirations. 

Through personalized coaching, mentorship, and advocacy,
Tyche provides comprehensive support tailored to guiding women through transformative career shifts. I am committed to creating a safe and inclusive space for women to explore their unique strengths, overcome challenges, and make informed decisions about their career journeys. 

I strive to equip women with the tools, confidence, and resources necessary to pursue their desired career paths and create a future of professional fulfillment.
Together, we can break down barriers, foster equality, and empower women to unlock their limitless potential.

Let's do this together!


Hold on a second… if I’m Lauren, who on Earth is Tyche? 

You’re not the only one thinking it!
I get this question from clients all the time. 

Tyche is the Greek goddess of fame, fortune, and destiny.
I named my coaching practice after her because I want my clients and myself to channel everything that she represents. We can be the goddesses of our own career destinies… just like Tyche. 

I always have my own Tyche statue on my desk at home. Having her there brings me luck and keeps me focused on what’s really important: Taking control of my own destiny. And that’s exactly what I’ll help you do, too.

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