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Fulfilling, lucrative, and engaging!
You CAN really have it all! Let's make it happen.


Fulfilling, lucrative, and engaging!
You CAN really have it all! Let's make it happen.

Does this sound like you lately?


  •  “I am SO tired of this job. No matter how hard I work, I keep getting passed over for promotions and raises.”

  • “I’m frustrated with where I’m at career-wise. I don’t know exactly what I want, but it’s definitely not this!”

  • “I need to get the hell out of this job – and FAST! If only I knew how to find a new career that is more rewarding and interesting.”

If so, it is time to make an investment in yourself and your future. You’re a busy woman, and with everything going on in your life, it’s tough to find the time and energy to take on a full-blown job search on your own.

So what’s the solution?

Enter... Strategic Career Clarity Package

The Strategic Career Clarity Package (Eight Weekly or Bi-Weekly 60-minute Coaching Sessions) is designed for accomplished professionals who are seeking a comprehensive and strategic approach to redefining their career paths.


This package is ideal for individuals who:

  • Desire a deep exploration of their strengths, values, and aspirations to inform strategic career decisions.
  • Recognize the importance of mindset mastery for long-term professional fulfillment and success.
  • Are open to exploring job redesign strategies within their current roles to enhance job satisfaction.
  • Contemplate or are open to the possibility of a career pivot and require a detailed plan to facilitate the transition.
  • Value consistent support, with bi-weekly check-ins to track progress and make necessary adjustments.
  • Recognize the significance of a polished professional presence and seek a resume and LinkedIn profile review.
  • Appreciate exclusive access to workshops covering essential topics for advanced professional development.


Comprehensive Assessment


In the initial sessions, we will conduct a comprehensive assessment that delves deep into your strengths, values, and career aspirations. This thorough exploration forms the basis for developing a holistic understanding of your professional identity, guiding the subsequent coaching sessions.

Mindset Mastery


A significant portion of the coaching sessions focuses on identifying and shifting any limiting beliefs that may hinder your professional fulfillment. Through targeted coaching, you will gain tools and strategies to overcome mental barriers, fostering a positive and empowered mindset essential for career success.

Job Redesign Strategies


We will collaboratively explore potential job redesign strategies within your current role. This involves optimizing your responsibilities, enhancing job satisfaction, and strategically positioning yourself for growth within your current organization.

Career Pivot Planning


If, during the assessment phase, a career transition is deemed necessary or desirable, we will work on developing a detailed plan for a potential career pivot. This plan includes steps, timelines, and considerations to facilitate a smooth transition to a new and fulfilling career path.

Resume and LinkedIn Review


As part of the package, you’ll receive a professional review and enhancement of your resume and LinkedIn profile. This ensures that your professional documents effectively communicate your skills, achievements, and aspirations, aligning with your career goals.

I always say that there's no better investment than YOURSELF.
So are you ready to get started building the career and the life of your dreams?

You have infinite potential. Now it's time to show the world.

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But wait, I have another package...


The Career Clarity Kickstart Package (Four Weekly 45-minute Coaching Sessions) is designed for high-achieving women who find themselves at a crossroads in their careers.

This package is ideal for professionals who:

  • Are experiencing a lack of fulfillment in their current roles despite external success.
  • Seek guidance in identifying key areas for career improvement and want to explore potential changes.
  • Value a personalized approach to career development that aligns with their unique goals and values.
  • Want a focused and action-oriented coaching experience to kickstart their journey toward career clarity.
  • Appreciate ongoing support, communication, and accountability between sessions to address questions and concerns promptly.
  • Are motivated to implement immediate changes in their mindset and career approach.


Initial Assessment


During the first session, you and I will engage in an in-depth discussion to gain a comprehensive understanding of your current career challenges, aspirations, and core values. This session sets the foundation for the coaching journey, allowing me to tailor subsequent sessions to your unique needs.

Clarity Exploration


Through a series of guided exercises and discussions, we will explore key areas for career improvement. This phase includes identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, fostering self-awareness, and pinpointing specific areas where you can enhance your career satisfaction and fulfillment.

Customized Career Roadmap


Based on the insights gained, we will develop a personalized career roadmap. This document outlines potential mindset shifts, job changes, or career transitions that align with your goals and values. The roadmap serves as a strategic guide, providing a clear path for your career journey. We will use this as a guide for our sessions.

Goal Setting and Action Plan


In the final session of this package, we will work together to establish concrete goals and develop an action plan. I will tailor strategies and steps for you to implement immediately, ensuring you leave the program with actionable insights and a roadmap for your career transformation.

Email Support Between Sessions


To provide ongoing support, you will have access to email communication with me between sessions. This ensures that any questions, concerns, or reflections that arise in between sessions can be addressed promptly, fostering a continuous and responsive coaching experience.

Your Journey To Success Begins Here

Don't wait for opportunities to come to you—seize them!

Join me for this package and set yourself on the path to career excellence.
This is your moment to shine, and I'm here to guide you every step of the way.

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  1. Expert Guidance: I bring a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success. I will provide you with personalized strategies and advice tailored to your unique career goals.

  2. Empowerment: I am dedicated to helping women shatter barriers and achieve their career dreams. This session is your safe space to voice concerns, explore opportunities, and unlock your full potential.

  3. Action-Oriented: Our focus is on delivering actionable takeaways. You will leave this session armed with practical insights and a well-defined plan of action.


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