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April 22-26, 2024


Feeling stuck or unfulfilled in your career?
In just 5 days, gain the self-knowledge and insights you need to take the next step toward your DREAM JOB.



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Is Your Job Draining Your Soul?

  • Are you daydreaming about a career change but unsure where to start?
  • Do you feel lost, with no clear direction on what kind of work would truly light you up?
  • Does the idea of updating your resume and job searching feel overwhelming because you’re not even sure what type of job you want?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions,
this free 5-day challenge is for YOU!

Just sign up for my newsletter – it's your ticket to my 5-Day Career Clarity Challenge. Each day of the challenge, you'll receive short assignments via email designed to guide you toward a clearer career vision. As a bonus, if you complete all of the assignments by April 30, I’ll personally review them and provide feedback!

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Here's a Sneak Peek!

Day 1: Discover Your 'Why' & Core Values

Uncover what drives you for long-term career satisfaction.

Day 2: Map Out Your Amazing Skillset

Identify the hidden skills most valuable to your career switch.

Day 3: Design Your Perfect Workday

Picture your ideal work-life – it tells you more than you think!

Day 4: Explore Your Dream Path

Research job titles and companies that align with your vision.

Day 5: Plan Your Next Career Move

Translate your insights into immediate, achievable actions.

Here's How It Works:

Daily Focused Activities:

Short, impactful exercises designed for clarity, even with a busy life.


Personalized Plan:

No generic tips here – you'll design a career path that's uniquely yours.


Expert Guidance (Bonus!):

Complete the challenge by April 30 and you can get expert feedback and support for accelerated results!

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"Lauren was awesome. She did a great job in helping me visualize my goals, short-term to long-term. She helped me realize that I don’t have to choose one path for the rest of my life right now and that I can keep my options open and see how things play out. Even though it may seem simple, for some reason that was a huge weight on my shoulders that didn’t need to be there and she was able to take that stress and worry away. By getting my head in the right place, I was able to find a job back in my field of study and accept it!"

- Manjula S.

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Career Clarity Challenge

Sign up for my newsletter – it's your ticket to my 5-Day Career Clarity Challenge. It's time to take action – this challenge is your first step toward a career you love!